Your Fast Pass to the Client Center

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Many managed service providers like to hold all the cards, so it’s hard to tell if you’re getting the service you deserve. We believe that lasting relationships are built on transparency, which can be found in one powerful tool: the Marco Client Center.

What Can You Do There?

✅ See Your Infrastructure At-A-Glance
We’ve designed our Client Center to be a system administrator’s dream. You’ll be able to view all of the infrastructure we have on file — and who has access to your systems — within our user-friendly dashboard.

✅ Request and Track Service

We’ve made it easy for you to keep tabs on us! Not only can you create a new service ticket and see the status of all existing requests, but you can also communicate with our specialists and escalate IT tickets.

✅ View Reports

Have those patches been applied? How’s your network performing? What tools are causing your staff the most problems? You’ll find quick answers to questions like these in our regular reports. 

✅ Order Supplies in a Few Clicks

You can order the devices, supplies, and components your staff needs directly from our Client Center. If you frequently purchase the same products, you can star those orders for a quicker shopping experience next time!

✅ Manage Microsoft Subscriptions

Are you taking advantage of our Microsoft discounts? If so, you can also view and manage all of your current Microsoft subscriptions so you’re never caught off guard. 

✅ View Our Recommendations

Your account team will meet with you regularly to discuss our recommendations for you and help you plan ahead. All of our suggestions are stored and tracked, so you can access them anytime and address them as you see fit. 

What Can't You Do There?

❌ Pay Your Managed Services Bill

Sorry! Your regular managed services bill must be processed through our Accounts Receivable department. If you have any questions about your bill, please call 800-847-3014 or email

❌ Escalate an Imaging Services Ticket

Managed print and managed IT services work a bit differently on our end. So, while it’s necessary to escalate an IT ticket now and then, this capability doesn’t exist on the print side. But don’t worry — you can still communicate with a print technician just as easily. 

What's Next?

You can find a number of walkthrough videos in the Knowledge Base or watch the playlist on Marco's YouTube Channel

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