Looking for PaperCut Remediation instructions for CVE-2023-27350 and CVE-2023-27351?

Please review the instructions below to upgrade your version.


The following instructions describe how to update the PaperCut application to resolve risks associated with the March/April 2023 vulnerabilities outlined here: https://www.huntress.com/blog/critical-vulnerabilities-in-papercut-print-management-software.

General instructions for PaperCut updating is available from the developer at: https://www.papercut.com/kb/Main/Upgrading#frequently-asked-questions-faqs


Marco's Recommended Instructions are as follows:

  • Backup System
    Before upgrading, go to Options> Backups and click Export now, to make a backup of your database just before upgrading. 
  • Verify Version
    Then go to the About tab and write down your current app version, example would be “Version: 22.0.3 (Build xxxxx)”. This is to ensure we’d know what version your database backup matches in the extremely small chance there’s an issue during the upgrade process.
  • Check for Updates
    Click “Check for Updates” and download the latest version. Copy that file up to your PaperCut application server and remote into that server.
  • Run Application Server
    Go to windows services and stop the “PaperCut Application Server” service. Then run the upgrade file right in place on the PaperCut server, right over the top of the existing installation. NOTE: Depending on how old your previous version was, and how big your database is, the upgrade could take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.
  • Print Server Consideration
    If you’re running a print server separate from your application server, copy and run the same file up to your print server(s), making sure the “Secondary Server” option is automatically selected during the upgrade process.
  • Test and Verify
    Once completed, do a cursory test of all functionality. Log back into your PaperCut admin web page, make sure it’s up and running, and doesn’t alert about any database issues. Log into an MFP, release a print job, perform a scan, etc. If an MFP is behaving oddly, give it a reboot, and if that doesn’t fix things up, then please reach out to Marco. 

Need further assistance? Please open a ticket at copiersupport@marconet.com, or by calling the support help desk at 800.847.3098. Existing support contract terms apply, however our teams are standing by as needed.