Client Center FAQs

Here are some common questions from clients when getting started with Marco's Client Center.

How do I add a new user? 

New users can start the registration process by going to

If you’re a tenant admin, you’ll get an email notification to either accept or reject the new user. You can also add a new user yourself. When you log in to our Client Center, you’ll find the tools you need under Settings, which has a gear icon.

How do I create a service ticket? 

You can easily create a new service ticket from the Dashboard or the Services module. Just find the button that says Create+.

How do I ask a quick question? 

If you have a question about the portal — or you notice that something’s inaccurate — please email

Can you walk me through something? 

Yes! Although we’ve designed our Client Center to be as user-friendly as possible, it’s also a powerful tool with advanced capabilities, and there’s always a learning curve. You can find a number of walkthrough videos on our YouTube channel or view the videos here in the Knowledge Base.

Download Fast Pass Guide

Want additional information on what you can and can't do on the Client Center. Download the guide here